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We provide high-quality food for schools and kindergartens

Why do you choose Ste'n'food?


Strict adherence to HACCP standards


Professional kitchen with the latest equipment


A delicious menu developed by a children's nutritionist


Already more than 3000 children have chosen Ste`n`food

Greetings! I'm Roman Stefanskyi, co-founder of Ste'n'food and father of three children.

I know better than anyone about the importance of proper nutrition for children during their active development.

Our family has a long-standing background in education, and we experienced the need for high-quality food services in schools and kindergartens.

This inspired us to create "Ste'n'food" - a company dedicated to delivering healthy and delicious meals to children.

Our mission is simple: to provide children with the best food prepared to the highest quality standards. At Ste'n'food, every child deserves nourishing meals that taste amazing.


Join us on this meaningful journey as we combine our expertise in education with our passion for superior food services. Together, we can nurture the well-being and growth of our children one meal at a time.


Ste'n'food organizes catering at your establishment "on a turnkey basis":


We will prepare a full package of permit documentation


We will register the capacity and the menu in the State Production and Consumer Service


We will organize a food distribution line in the educational institution


We will prepare and quickly deliver delicious dishes


"Ste'n'food" represents Stanford in the food sector, upholding the highest standards and requirements in all our processes!

Ste'n'food is smart food for smart kids!

Nutrition plays a vital role during the critical stages of growth and mental development. That's why we've taken great care to create tasty children's dishes that prioritize quality.

Our meals are crafted using only organic and certified high-quality ingredients, ensuring optimal nutrition. We also offer separate menus for dietary groups, including lactose-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian options.

Join us in providing children with the nourishment they need for energy, brain function, and overall health. Taste the difference between our balanced and tasty meals.



For breakfast, we always prepare a hearty meal and hot drink—e.g., pancakes with strawberries, cottage cheese, and cocoa.



Consists of a first course, salad, second course, and a drink. E.g. pumpkin soup, veal, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable salad.


Afternoon snack

A healthy snack without fast carbohydrates. Usually, it's delicious homemade pastries, juice or uzvar.



It consists of a second course and a drink—e.g. baked tomatoes with corn and tea.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is your menu approved by Derzhpozhivstandard?
    Yes, of course. First, we coordinate the menu with the client, then we approve it in Derzhspozhivstandart.
  • Do you have diet menus?
    Yes, we have several types of special meals. For example, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan menus. While discussing the menu, we will clarify with you the number of children who need special nutrition and the specifics of their diet.
  • What is required to order your services?
    Just contact us and we will do everything "turnkey"!
  • Are the products you use for cooking included in the list of permitted products, according to Resolution No. 1591 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine?
    Yes, Ste'n'food uses only the products listed in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Resolution No. 1591 to prepare food for preschoolers and schoolchildren.
  • How soon after the conclusion of the contract will meals be organized at the school?
    In 2 days after the conclusion of the contract, we will set up full meals and a distribution line at the educational institution.
  • Do you supply food to kindergartens?
    Yes, of course! We deliver food to kindergartens, schools, children's camps and sanatoriums.
  • How can parents contribute to the introduction of Ste'n'food at our school?
    For this, it is necessary to enlist the support of the majority of parents and communicate with the school director to improve the food situation.
  • What is the minimum number of servings to cooperate with you?
    There is no minimum quantity, we work with the smallest orders.
  • My child is allergic. Is it possible to create a separate menu for her?
    Yes, of course, inform the management of the institution where your child studies about the peculiarities of his diet and we will take this information into account when creating the menu.
  • To which districts of Kyiv do you deliver food?
    Today we work with educational institutions located on the right bank of Kyiv and in the suburbs. If your school or kindergarten is located outside this area, please contact us to clarify the possibility of delivery.

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