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Corporate catering

Turnkey lunches for companies from 1 to 1000 employees

Advantages of corporate catering:


Employees don't waste time and attention thinking about where to go for lunch and what to order; they don't spend time preparing a takeaway in the evening.


Ste'n'food lunches are balanced regarding nutrients and calories so that the team will receive a complete and healthy diet.

The employer's image

Corporate food increases employee loyalty and motivation and reduces staff turnover. Build a strong team with Ste'n'food!


Ste'n'food business lunches help to engage the team in the corporate culture and allow them to diversify their diet significantly.


Ste'n'food is a supplier of smart food

Order breakfast, business lunch, and dinner for your company. We deliver in Kyiv and the suburbs to the office or home. We cook according to proven recipes on the latest equipment, which allows you to preserve a maximum of valuable substances and get an excellent taste!

We have vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free dishes on the menu.

How does it work?


Choose the dishes, the number of portions and the contract duration.


We prepare food on the day of delivery and deliver it directly to the office in special packaging that keeps food hot for up to 4 hours. All orders are signed, so the employee can pick up his portion at a convenient time when he gets hungry.

Conclusion of the contract

After concluding the contract, we need 3-7 days for launch, purchase of products and organization of cooking.



complete and healthy food for your employees from "Ste'n'food".
We will receive an application and create an individual menu that will help best meet the needs of your company!

Форма "Корпоративне харчуання"
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